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Toddler Nutrition:
Little Stomak
This is a great website that has all kinds of information about nutrition, specifically for toddlers. You can also follow them on Twitter @twintoddlersdad and you can sign up for their newsletter.

Recommended CDs/Videos/DVDs:
Little Big TV
Videos from The UK of Tractors, Diggers, Fire Engines and Trains - I'm checking to make sure these work in US players!

Lemonsquare Music 
Such fun, bouncy, catchy music. You'll love it and your toddler will be bouncing along too. 

Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language
From Louise Sattler's site Signing Families - NOTE: it is NOT for fun entertainment for your kids. It is for parents to learn sign language to teach their children. 

Baby Sign Language
This IS for babies! And moms and dads  - tons of signs with video and instruction on how to do the sign. Free!

Recommended Books:

Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten
Written by Stacey Kannenberg, this book is a fabulous resource for helping your get your child ready to go to "big kid" school. It helps teach letters, numbers, shapes, colors, directional words and much more in a fun, heavy-stock book that can be written on in dry erase marker. So fun!

Bye-Bye Boardroom: Confessions of a New Breed of Stay-At-Home Moms
Written by Rachel Wright, the founder of Mom's Night Off, a nationally recognized night for moms to get a little r&r from the kids and either go out or have friends in. 

Fun Stuff:
All of these sites have fun downloads to print and use for activities with your toddler. Enjoy!

Kidlutions Preferred Product Award Winners
All of these products have been tested and approved by a licensed social worker and parents to help with the development of kids' social and emotional health

Kid Songs
Found by a 4th Grader, here is a link for good kid songs.

Please submit your awesome ideas for great websites to link to like toys, educational materials, apparel, special interests, mom websites, anything you think is appropriate for this website to publish.

Send me an email at ideas@teachingyourtoddler.com

If you send me ideas, I'll publish them and give you credit so please add your name, location and age of your kids!
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