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Theme for the Week - Electricity














Ben Franklin flew his famous kite on June 15, 1752 and discovered the power source we can't live without! And on June 15, 1978, King Hussein of Jordan wed American Lisa Halaby who later became known as Queen Noor.


Letter of the Week: E - Find things that start with E to show your child, such as egg, edge, email, elephant, earth, elbow.  Point to the object and say "E" and the word. Show them a picture of an E. Better yet, buy some of those bathtub letters and show them that letter. 


Number of the Week: 1 - When you show your child anything say "One egg" or "One Elephant" and show them a picture of the number 1. Write the number 1 on paper. Show them 1 thing at a time.


Songs of the Week: "Electricity" from School House Rock - click the words for link to the lyrics. And I can't resist "E Eats Everything" by They Might Be Giants - The link takes you to a super cute YouTube video.


Story of the Week: Good Night Moon - this story contains a "Light" which goes along with the electricity theme and is just a fabulous book for little ones. Read it every night before bed. Your child will come to appreciate the repetition.  If he/she won't sit still for the whole book, just show them a couple of pages and let them turn the pages of the book on their own. Find it on Amazon at the link we've included or look at Target or Walmart.  


Spanish Word of the Week: Electricidad which means electricity in English. You can begin to use Spanish words to your child, assuming Spanish is not your first language. I also recommend the BBC series Muzzy for introducing a foreign language to your child. Even the youngest kids will enjoy the big blue fuzzy Muzzy and the songs are so catchy! 


Snack of the Week: Hummus in honor of Queen Noor's marriage to the King of Jordan in 1978.  You can buy great brands at most grocery stores or make it yourself. Here's a link to the history of middle Eastern food and many, many recipes. I recommend dipping pita chips or carrots but only give this to your child if he/she is used to chewing things and can bite. Don't give your little one carrots until her/she is old enough - ask your doctor, first, please!


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Do-It-Myself Activity: Let your child turn on the light switch by themselves.  Even my 13-month-old loves to do this and he says "Light On" when the light turns on.  Please supervise your child doing this and make sure his/her hands are completely dry and there's no electricity build up to shock them when they touch the switch.


Yoga Pose: Vajrasana - Thunderbolt pose to go along with the electricity/Ben Franklin theme. Even if your child won't do it, you can do it and you'll feel better!


Character Component: Sharing - Ben Franklin started the first lending library.  Even though sharing is a character trait that takes YEARS to master (my 8 1/2 year old is still working on it!) you can start the concept by introducing the word and giving and taking small things from your child. Be patient. It's a tough concept for all kids. 


Holiday of the Month: Zoo and Aquarium Month - Visit your local zoo or aquarium and if you can't get out to do that, here is a link to a website with many animal-related activities


Most of all - give your little one a hug and say "I love you" as many times a day as you can think of! You can never give them enough love. Enjoy!

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