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Theme for the Week - Games














Children love to play games - peekaboo, chase me, pattycake from a very early age.  This week, we introduce a few games for you to play with your toddler. You will need to see what he/she is ready for - a board game might not work just yet but an iSpy book or 

picture find might work.  You just need to see what your toddler is "game" for! Have a great week. 


Letter of the Week: G  - for Games - point out things that start with "G" - green, go, game, glad. Show your toddler a picture of both a capital G and a lower case g. Draw a G on paper, or use your child's finger to draw it in the sandbox or dirt. Use bath tub or refrigerator letters to show him/her this letter as well. We recently found some flashcards at Target in the $1 bin - you could start using those during meals a little at a time.


Number of the Week: 7  - When you show your child anything say "7 green beans" (or whatever you are counting). Count to 7. Write the number 7 on paper. Show your child 7 things at a time and count them - "one" "two" "three"  etc  - so your child gets used to the pattern.


Songs of the Week: This Old Man - It was hard to choose this week because there are so many songs out there that are fun counting songs to help learn numbers, etc - The Ants Go Marching, 5 Little Ducks, etc.  For other learning songs, try this website


Story of the Week: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - Such a fun book that helps teach a few body parts. Even if your toddler doesn't get the motions, just hearing the song helps them learn. If you can't find it at the library this week, you could buy it at this link to Amazon. 


Snack of the Week:  Cheese and Crackers - stack cheese on crackers like checkers when you make a king. Or you can layer sliced veggies such as cucumbers and thinly-sliced carrots for the same effect.  Plus, it's fun to stack food - let your toddler play a little. 


Spanish Words of the Week: el juego = game, el ajedrez = chess , el pelota = ball


Activity of the Week: Games! - iSpy matching game, stacking blocks or cups, roll the ball,  wooden puzzles, and maybe for the older toddlers a board game such as Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. Both of these board games are very easy to understand.  Or, just sit on the floor and roll the ball back and forth. 


Yoga Pose: Fish Pose - Ok it's a stretch but we couldn't find a pose that was "game-oriented" so we're going with the Bobby Fischer reference above.  My older kids always loved this one and it makes our backs feel great too!. PS - My kids always liked the Yoga Kids series if you'd like more ideas for doing yoga with your toddler.  Check it out here:


Sign Language Sign of the Week: Play and Ball  -  Both of these signs are super easy. If your toddler is still learning how to talk, sign language can be a great way for them to communicate.  


Like we say every week - don't forget to give your toddler a hug and say "I love you" as many times a day as you can think of! You can never give them enough love. Talk to them, even though they may not talk back and read to them everyday - even if it's the cereal box at breakfast. Enjoy!

Chess Game
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