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Rattle, Rattle Click-Clack is a super fun, educational new book that will help you teach your child about colors, counting and healthy eating as you follow Riley Rabbit through his Rainbow Garden to gather food for his healthy dinner! 
"Marijo wrote one of my favorite parenting books, "How to Raise An American Patriot." Now, she has written this delightful children's book, "Rattle, Rattle Click-Clack". It's so fun to read and so obviously written by an experienced mom who knows what kids like. It's always in the pile of books my little ones bring to me at story time!" - Rachel Campos-Duffy, tv host and mother of 9. 
Cover of Marijo's first book called How To Raise An American Patriot - interviews of 13 Americans who love this country.

Raise your patriot

13 Interviews with famous patriots to help you teach your children about why we love the United States and how to be a true patriot.

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