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Theme for the Week - April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day!  - Although the origins are sketchy, April Fool's Day is definitely a day of harmless fun. Let's learn a fun April Fool song, make a fake spider to "scare' people, learn a whole bunch of cute food tricks, and much more. Enjoy!

"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year." - Mark Twain

This week, moms and toddlers have some fun with April Fool's Day-related activities, songs, stories, sign language for "Silly" and "Joke",  and so much more! While telling a joke to your toddler probably will not get much reaction, he/she may understand when 
you are being funny so try it this week with some funny little tricks - like turning the milk blue with drops of food coloring to see if your child notices!  Here's one of our favorite Mark Twain quotes: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool 
than to open it and leave no doubt." 

Letter of the WeekW  - for Holy Week (we'll celebrate Easter in next week's theme). Point out things that start with "W" -  worm, wiggle, wheel, whale. Show your toddler a picture of both a capital W and a lower case w. Draw a W on paper and let him/her trace over it, or use your child's finger to draw it in the sandbox or dirt. Use bath tub or refrigerator letters to show him/her this letter as well. 

Number of the Week: 1  - When you show your child anything say "1 wheel" (or whatever you are counting). Write the number 1 on paper or show your toddler a flash card. Show your child 1 thing at a time and count them - "one"  - so your child gets used to the pattern. If nothing else, just to hear the number is good for him/her.

Songs of the Week:  April Fool Song - We can't quite source the origin of this one but the link includes sheet music and the tune. Funny words! 

Story of the WeekApril Fool's Day book list - It's always so hard to choose just one book so here is a list of a bunch of fun books about this day.  If you can't find these at your local library, you can try Amazon.com. Recently, I searched my local library on-line and placed holds on all the books I wanted and in a couple of days, they were ready to pick up.  Instead of trying to browse the shelves with a busy toddler, I picked them up, checked them out and was on my way.  Here's a link to public libraries in the United States if you'd like to see if your local branch is here. 

Snack of the Week:  Fake Food These are such funny trick foods from Pinterest. Our favorite is the "fried chicken!

Spanish Words of the Week: April - abril, fool - tonto/tonta, silly - tonto or necio, joke - el chiste or una broma. Also check out the BBC's Muzzy from Early Advantage for teaching Spanish (or many other languages) to your child. They are fabulous! 

Do It Myself: Tickle Someone  - Since the idea of a joke is a bit of a stretch, your toddler will think it's hilarious if he/she tickles you and you collapse on the floor in fits of laughter. They'll know they did something funny. 

Activity of the Week: Handprint Spider - Any excuse to make a handprint craft I will take! It won't fool anyone but it's just so dang cute! Try it!

Yoga PoseBharadvaja's Twist - Since April Fool's Day involves "twisting" the truth, we thought this pose works for the week.  This link is from  Yoga Journal.  PS - Our kids always liked the Yoga Kids series if you'd like more ideas for doing yoga with your toddler. 

Sign Language Sign of the WeekAprilSillySurprisedJoke.   If your toddler is still learning how to talk, sign language can be a great way for them to communicate.  And as they get older, they'll pick up signs faster and it can be more of a fun thing versus a way to communicate.    

Remember to give your toddler/preschooler a hug and tell him/her you love them. Hope you have a wonderful week!   

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