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Meet Our Guests


Christie Mann

Author of Lil Sass, Speaker, Coach

picture of Florence Ann Romano author, expert, speaker

Florence Ann Romano

The Windy City Nanny

Image of Chanelle Neilson

Chanelle Neilson

Moms Who Know Podcast

Dr Hammer Headshot

Dr. Greg Hammer


Dr. Dravon James headshot

Dr. Dravon James

Author/Inspirational Speaker

LJ Jackson Headshot

LJ Jackson

Author, Speaker, School Counselor

Laura Linn Knight headshot

Laura Linn Knight

Trained Parenting Expert

& Former Teacher

Dr. Patti Ashley headshot

Dr. Patti Ashley

Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Mijha Godfrey and family

Mijha Godfrey

Co-Founder Jambo Books

Dara Torres headshot

Dara Torres

Olympian, Author, Model, Speaker

Dr Candice Jones Headshot

Dr. Candice Jones

Board-Certified Pediatrician

Dr Carol Veterinarian

Dr Carol

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Miss Leslie Virtual Nanny

Miss Leslie

Virtual Nanny

Matthew Ferry

Matthew Ferry

Author, Spiritual Coach & Songwiter

Vincent Genna headshot

Vincent Genna, MSW

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic/Medium

Headshot of Olympian Dara Torres



Hilary Robinson headshot

Hilary Robinson

Author, BBC Producer, Broadcaster

and Writer

Money Couple headshot

Taylor & Megan Kovar

Dr Catherine Athans Headshot

Dr. Catherine Athans PhD

Healer, Teacher, Author and Therapist

Sarah Appleman headshot

Sarah Appleman

Bob Krulish headshot

Bob Krulish

Author, Speaker, Mental Health Communicator

John Waller and his daughter Sophee

John Waller & Sophee

Sheila Murphy

Sheila AO

Bob Hartman Headshot

Bob Hartman

Ron Deal Headshot

Ron Deal

Dr Kami Hoss Headshot

Dr. Kami Hoss

Dr Frieda Birnbaum headshot

Dr Frieda Birnbaum

Dr Dionna Headshot

Dr Dionna

Dr CC ClaussEhlers.JPG

Dr CC Clauss-Ehlers

Susie Spikol headshot.JPG

Susie Spikol

Brittany Plumeri headshot.JPG

Brittany Plumeri

Kristen Ramirez headshot.JPG

Kristen Ramirez

Nina Rees headshot.JPG

Nina Rees

Rana Burr headshot founder of Mamafrog Baby

Rana Zellner Burr

Numerologist Jesse Kalsi Headshot

Jesse Kalsi

Dr Elena Lister.JPG

Dr Elena Lister

Dr Jenna Timboe.JPG

Dr. Jenna Timboe

Bill Stevenson headshot.JPG

Bill Stevenson

Stephanie Nelson headshot.JPG

Stephanie Nelson

Dr Candice Jones Headshot

Picky Eater?

Dr. Candice Jones, Board Certified Pediatrician and Mom gives amazing ideas for helping parents of picky eaters. Watch This Video for help right now!

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