Theme for the Week  - Cats

On September 28, 1994, the 5,000th show of Cats was performed on Broadway. Since we're getting close to Halloween and we've never done cats before as a theme, we'll do it this week. Eat a kitty snack, learn cat in sign language, make kitty ears 
as a craft and much more. 

Letter of the Week: B  -  for Broadway (we did C recently). Show your child a picture of both a capital B and a lower case b. Draw a B on paper, or use their finger to draw it in the sandbox or dirt. Use bath tub or refrigerator letters to show them this letter as well. 

Number of the Week: 4 - When you show your child anything say "4 cats" and show them a picture of the number 4. Write the number 4 on paper. Show them 4 things at a time and count them - "one, two, three, ..." - so your child gets used to the pattern. 

Songs of the Week: The Amazing Cat - Here's a funny video of a catchy song your child will enjoy watching plus it's a tiny bit spooky to get you into the mood for Halloween. 

Story of the Week: Cat Books
There are just too many books to choose from for this week. Here is a list of a whole bunch of fun cat books. 

Snack of the Week: Goldfish - Since kitties love fish, here is a super simple snack. If your child is a little young for the  full-sized kind, try the "Baby Goldfish" which are smaller and easier to bite up.

Spanish Words of the Week: cat - el gato, kitten - el gatito, tail - la cola, to purr - ronronear

Do-It-Myself Activity: Brush kitty - Most cats like to be brushed because it's like getting petted. If your cat is skittish or you don't have a cat, teach your child how to brush their stuffed animal. This helps teach them about taking care of others. 

Craft of the Week:  Cat Ears Headband - Here is the cutest little craft for making cat ears for your toddler. You will probably have to help with a lot of this but the results will be so worth it! This could be the beginning of a costume!

Yoga Pose: Cat Pose - What else?  This is a great back stretch, coupled with Cow - back and forth. This video shows you how to do it properly.

Sign Language Sign of the Week: Cat -  If your child is still learning to speak, sign language can really help with frustration. Also, my son speaks very well - he's 2 1/2 now - but when I sign to him and say it, he pays attention better, such as  signing"time for" "bath" works better than just saying "bath time!"

Most of all - give your little one a hug and say "I love you" as many times a day as you can think of! You can never give them enough love. 

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